Garden and Outdoor Woodford Yard Hydrants Woodford Y34-3 Iowa Yard Hydrant - 3 foot bury
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Woodford Y34-3 Iowa Yard Hydrant - 3 foot bury


  • Female Inlet: Model Y34 - ¾″ NPT
  • Casing: Model - 1″ Galvanized Steel Pipe
  • Operating Rod: ⅜″ Galvanized Steel Pipe
  • Drain Hole: Tapped - ⅛″ N.P.T.
  • Removable Nozzle: ¾″ Brass Male Hose Nozzle
  • Overall Length: 72.5"
Price: $135.50
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Customer Q & A

The Woodford Y34 Yard Hydrants have been an American icon for over eighty years.

Every day, from the suburbs to the most remote farms, from the searing heat of a Texas summer to brutal Dakota winters, They are delivering precious water reliably and efficiently all over the country.

Woodford Y34 Hydrants will not freeze.

Woodford Yard Hydrant Repairs- not that they are often needed- can be made without removing the hydrant. Parts are always available. And, this American icon is made right here in United States. Just like it has been since 1929.


  • Adjustable Link - Provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension.
  • Rod Guide - Eliminates side pull on rod, reduces wear on packing, packing nut & stem.
  • Flow Finder and Lock - A simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time or lock against accidental opening.
  • Long Life Packing - Graphite packing for lubricity and long life.
  • One Piece Variable Flow Plunger - Large cushion type seal for longer life - is not easily damaged and assures shut-off even when foreign particles are present.
  • Automatic drain feature - plunger opens drain to prevent freezing - closes at any flow to prevent wasting water.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 p.s.i.
  • Maximum Temperature: 120 F