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Woodford Freezeless Sanitary Roof Hydrant - SRH


  • Hose Connection Backflow Preventer:
    • Model 50H with 3/4" hose connection
    • Field Testable Dual Check Holds against 125 psi backflow pressure.
  • 3/4" NPT female inlet connection.
  • 1 1/2" U.S. made galvanized pipe.
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 100 p.s.i
  • Maximum Temperature: 120 F.
Price: $427.93
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Woodford Freezeless Sanitary Roof Hydrant - SRH

The Woodford, ASSE 1057 listed, SRH Freezeless Roof Hydrant is intended for irrigation purposes and to provide water, in any weather condition, on commercial building roofs Applications include window washing, cleaning of condenser coils, cooling towers, green roofs and other types of roof top equipment. The SRH is backflow protected with a field testable ASSE 1052 double check backflow preventer.

The SRH does not require a drain line from the valve body located inside the building.

The SRH with Mounting System ( Mounting System Purchased Separately) allows for installation flexibility. It is not necessary to install hydrant when the hydrant support is mounted to the roof. The hydrant support utilizes a 3" diameter opening that allows the hydrant to be installed or easily removed at a later time. All necessary mounting hardware for proper installation on a commercial roof is supplied, including a 2 degree shim for pitch adjustment.

Mounting System:(Must be ordered separately)

  • Cast iron Hydrant Support
  • Cast iron Under Deck Flange
    • 4 bolts draw tight against the roof decking and the hydrant support.
    • 3 clamp screws tighten against the hydrant pipe to secure the hydrant's vertical position through the roof.
  • Well Seal seals tight between the hydrant support and hydrant pipe.
  • EPDM Boot covers well seal and top of hydrant support
  • 2 degree shim is supplied, if needed, for installation on pitched roofs.

Carton Contents:

  • SRH Hydrant Assembly
  • Well Seal
  • Boot