Garden and Outdoor Wall Hydrants WOODFORD-19-12-PX 1/2 PEX CRIMP X 12 Wall Faucet

WOODFORD-19-12-PX 1/2 PEX CRIMP X 12 Wall Faucet

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Freezeless Anti-Siphon Wall Faucet Model 19 This unit offers anti-siphon and non-rupture protection. The freezeless Model 19 is intended for irrigation purposes and designed for year-round residential regardless of outside temperature. This product contains an integral backflow protection device which protects up to 125 psi of backpressure and therefore does not require an add-on vacuum breaker FEATURES: • Patented resetting pressure relief valve prevents the faucet tube from bursting in freezing conditions even if a hose is unintentionally left on. • 3/4" male hose thread nozzle • Stainless steel seat - eliminates wire draw • EPDM packing to prevent leaking • Full circle operating threads on valve body and retainer • No-lead solder • Standard "O" size seat washer • Oval, powder-coated, die cast aluminum handle • Adjustable polycarbonate wall flange • MAX PRESSURE - 125 p.s.i. • MAX TEMPERATURE - 120° F