Studor Trap Vent


  • AAV with Integrated Trap
  • Rated up to 6 DFU (Drainage Fixture Unit)
  • 1-1/4" inlet/1-1/2"outlet
  • Materials: UV Stabilized ABS with Synthetic Rubber Memebrane
Price: $33.75
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Studor Trap Vent - Integrated Trap & Air Admittance Valve

Trap-Vent is for use on a lavatory, water cooler or sinks that do not receive a discharge from any appliance. Trap-Vent is rated up to 6 DFUs on a horizontal wet vent. The Trap-Vent cannot be installed on kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, or a sink that receives discharge from any kind of appliance. Do not use where pumps or pressurized flushing devices are used. Please follow all instructions carefully during installation.

**Note: Code compliance will vary per State and Municipality. Please verify with your local code official before installing.

  • Easy installation in minutes
  • Replaces conventional lavatory P-trap
  • Minimizes roof penetrations
  • Increased efficiency equals reduced labor & materials
  • Maintains required 2" trap seal
  • One-way valve allows air into the drainage system
  • Assures free flow of water down the drain (no bubbling or gurgling)
  • Gravity sealed valve prevents gas and odors from being released
  • Siphonic cleaning action
  • Quieter than conventional P-trap
  • Ideal for remodels, restorations and floating sinks