Venting Air Admittance Valves Studor Vent Studor Mini Vent<br />(For 1 Bathroom)

Studor Mini Vent
(For 1 Bathroom)

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By Studor
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Studor Mini-Vent - 24 DFU's on a stack

The unique design of the Studor Mini-Vent provides plumbing ventilation to prevent the loss of water seals in traps without the need for costly roof penetration and piping. The Mini-Vent can be easily be added to under counter sink drains.

  • For venting entire bathroom.
  • Will vent up to 24 DFUs on stack, one full bathroom.
  • Fits 2" pipe sizes, Comes with 1-1/2" adapter.
  • Can be used as an individual, branch, circuit or stack vent.
  • Expands architectural design limits.
  • Reduces the number of fire-stopping applications.
  • One of a kind vermin protection system.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for replacement of defective valves.
  • Suitable for Residential or Commercial Use

For general planning and installation, we recommend the use of the information contained on the submittal sheet.