Bathroom Toilet Parts Wax Rings Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket
Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket
Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket
Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket
Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket

Sani Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket

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Sani-Seal No-Wax Toilet Gasket

Say Goodbye to old, sticky, messy and faulty wax toilet gaskets and rings. This is a no mess, wax free, and repositionable solution.

Easily makes the transition from a newly tiled floor or an unlevel toilet flange simple and pain free. Stop leaks that happen from shifting side to side, old style wax rings won't spring back into shape once the toilet is removed. Not to mention, unsightly and embarrissing water that leaks onto the floor from under the toilet is full of harmful bacteria, plus will cause considerable damage to your floors if left untreated.

One size fits all, can be installed in hot or cold environments, used in Commercial and Residential applications. This product also holds toilet flange bolts upright for ease of a single person toilet installation.

  • No Messy Wax
  • Universal Fit; Fits All Flanges and All Standard Toilets
  • Holds the Bolts Upright
  • Strong Flexible and Resilient Material Moves with the Toilet
  • Allows the Installer Multiple Attempts at Installing the Toilet
  • Other key features include:
  • Very Easy to Stack for Deep Flanges below 3/8"
  • Easy One Person Toilet Installation; No Need for a Spotter
  • Guaranteed to Last
  • Made in USA
  • No More Guess Work
  • Only One Seal Needed for Flanges 3/8" Above and Up to 3/8" Below
  • Works Well in Hot and Cold Temperatures, Including Radiant Heated Floors

Made from polyurethane foam that is repositionable, antimicrobial, reusable and functions no matter what the temperature, providing an easy trouble free installation. Remaining flexible and resilient even in extreme temperatures, it also provides a seal when the flange is not set level relative to the finished floor. This can also be used in applications where the flange is positioned up to 3/8" above the finished floor and as much as 3/8" below the finished floor.