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Why Choose Pex:

Used in plumbing and radiant heating applications for more than 30 years, PEX products continue to gain acceptance throughout the United States. These systems are cleaner, safer and easier to install than traditional rigid piping systems.PEX is a short name for cross-linked polyethylene, which makes this product very durable under temperature extremes and resistant to chemical attack. Plumbing Mall stocks several types of tubingand accessories.

Less Potential for Leaks - The weakest link in any plumbing system are the fittings. Most conventional plumbing systems use rigid copper which requires many fittings. The Manabloc system uses flexible PEX tubing that connects from the distribution panel directly to the fixture with a variety of fittings. It greatly minimizes the need for fittings, and the potential for leaks.

Freeze Break Resistant - PEX will expand several times its original size to accommodate the expansion of frozen water, then return to its original size when the water thaws. **Although freeze-break resistant, no pipe is freeze-break proof under all circumstances.

Easy to Service - The Manabloc system features individually labeled shut-off valves for each fixture line. The system is very similar in concept to the electrical breaker panels in homes. The water supply enters the Manabloc distribution panel and flows through shut-off valves to the plumbing fixtures. Electricity enters the electrical distribution panel and flows through breakers to the electrical fixtures. Now, both the electrical and plumbing systems can feature an easy to access panel to shut off power or water in case of an emergency.

Quiet Operation - The flexible tubing used with the Manabloc system operates quietly. In copper systems, you often hear noise as the water flows through the pipes. Sometimes even rattling the pipe against the walls. Flexible PEX tubing virtually eliminates water noise.

Cost - Even though the Vanguard Manabloc system features all these benefits over copper systems, the Manabloc system can usually be installed for the same cost as a copper system (or less)!

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