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Moen Garbage Disposals

When we think of a Garbage Disposals, generally a loud power hungry monster is first thought of. Nowadays all that has changed. Disposers today are more powerful, quieter, more energy efficient and alot more compact than earlier models. Each helping to preserve the vital space under our kitchen sinks.

Here at The Plumbing Mall, we offer high quality Moen Garbage Disposal units.

You trust Moen's quality faucets in the kitchen because of their excellent performance above the sink. You can expect the same dependable functionality and performance under the sink with their complete line of garbage disposals. Moen's quality, style and performance are proven above the sink and below. In addition to faucets, sinks and accessories, Moen offers a full line of garbage disposals to power your daily grind. Moen garbage disposals feature VORTEX permanent magnet motor technology, which operates at high RPM levels to quickly and powerfully grind food scraps and reduce jamming. The pre-installed power cord and Universal Xpress Mount system simplify installation. Plus, Moen's Limited Warranty with professional home replacement service guarantees peace of mind that you will receive the same level of customer service for garbage disposals that Moen provides for the rest of its products.

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