Pex Supplies Tools Pex Hand Crimp Tool - 3/8-inch

Pex Hand Crimp Tool - 3/8-inch


  • Use for 3/8" Crimp Rings
  • Compact Angled Design
  • Color Coded Handles
  • Full Circle Crimper
  • Go-No Go Gage Included
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Pex Hand Crimp Tool - 3/8-inch

Use the crimp tool to install only manufacturer-approved pipe or tube used with copper crimp rings and brass, copper, or plastic fittings manufactured to appropriate ASTM standards for Pex and polybutylene pipe installation.

Always refer to the tube manufacturers's product assembly instructions when using the crimp tool.

To Crimp with Tube, Fitting, and Ring in Place:

  1. Pull Back on the moving handle and open the jaws fully. The crimp tool does not work like pliers. Do not force the handles apart.
  2. Position jaws squarely around the ring.
  3. Gently open the handles to close jaws on the ring.
  4. Squeeze handles together to complete the crimp. One crimp per ring only!
  5. Pull back on moving handle to release jaws from the crimped ring.
  6. Measure the crimped ring with Zurn "Go-No Go" Gage.
  7. Do not measure bumps on the ring where jaws meet. If" Go on gage does not fit, or if "No-Go" does fit, then cut out connection, replace fitting and ring, adjust and calibrate the tool, and re-crimp.