A yard with bad drainage is a big problem with a simple solution. Flooding can kill plants and trees, threaten the foundation of your home and draw mosquitoes. Installing a drainage system is a do-it-yourself task that takes about a weekend to complete.

Drainage systems consist of a series of pipes and sump boxes buried underneath your yard that divert water away from low lying areas and into an area where it won’t cause any damage and is able to be absorbed naturally by the ground or run into a drainage system in place by the county, such as the street. Some yards may need a more intense drainage system then others depending on how many problem areas there are. Some drainage systems require a sump pump, while others can use gravity to divert the water. If you notice puddles in your yard, especially if you are noticing them when there hasn’t been much precipitation, then a drainage system may be right for you.

Here are some benefits to adding a drainage system to your yard.

1. Prevents soil erosion

When it rains, soil is displaced from your landscaping to other areas of your yard. This is referred to as “soil erosion.” Without proper drainage, over time this displacement can cause issues with soil depth which can cause damage to your landscaping.

2. Removes Standing Water

Standing water in your yard not only creates dangerous and slippery surfaces, it also drowns your landscaping killing plants and trees. Not to mention, standing water can be extremely unsightly and breeding grounds for some unwanted pests in your yard.

3. Helps prevent water damage

Improper drainage doesn’t just damage your landscaping, it can also damage the foundation of your home. When a severe storm strikes, water flows through your yard much faster. Without proper drainage, this fast moving water can force its way through cracks in your foundation. This not only causes damage to the foundation of your house, it also causes the added problem of water in your basement.

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