Drain Sump w/Grate- 3 Hole 11x11x15

Price: $31.58
10000 Available
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This simple, reliable, easy-to-install 3-hole drain sump is strong, non-corrosive, stable, and permanent.
Made of High Density Polyethylene and accepts Tuf-Tite's self-sealing Pipe Seals. Drain Sump comes complete with a Black Grate.

In a septic environment, no other material can match High Density Polyethylene in delivering a lifetime of trouble-free service. These Distribution Boxes are injection molded, using only premium HDPE which contains no fillers or foam.

Snap-in pipe seals: They’re patented. Simply insert your PVC pipe and push it through the flexible, polyethylene Tuf-Tite seal. Pipes fit watertight. Installation couldn’t be easier.

Interlocking Lid: Heavy-duty HDPE Lid is ribbed for added strength and rigidity. Slotted sides interlock on the Distribution Box to assure a tight fit.

They’re permanent: Unlike cement-based pipe grout, Tuf-Tite seals will not crack or corrode in septic conditions. They stay pliable and watertight permanently.


  • Injection molded HDPE
  • Non-corrosive
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to level
  • Grate is 11" x 11"
  • Box is 15 1/2" tall