Condensate Pump LCU-20 1/30 hp

Condensate Pump LCU-20 1/30 hp

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Liberty Condensate Pump LCU-20 1/30 hp

These pumps are used for removal of condensate from A/C equipment, high-efficiency furnaces, ice makers, drinking fountains, dehumidifiers, and other equipment. Completely automatic with a safety switch.


High-impact ABS tank 3 intake holes 3/8" OD outlet Built-in removable check-valve Wall-Mounts Stainless steel shaft Safety Switch*

*The safety-switch on a condensate pump cuts off the furnace or A/C unit if the pump fails for any reason. It is important when the air handler or furnace is in an area that is susceptible to water damage. These are usually wired into the thermostat circuit. If the pump fails or the drain line clogs, it will turn off the unit so the condensate doesn't keep accumulating, over-run and cause damage.

Units that include discharge tubing will come with 20' of 3/8" ID tubing.

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