Pumps Check Valves 1-1/2 Inch True Union Swing Check Valve

1-1/2 Inch True Union Swing Check Valve

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A sump pump check valve is located in your sump system’s discharge line. Its job is to prevent discharged waste water in the vertical length of piping from flowing back into the basin when the pump motor shuts off.

Check valves only allow flow in one direction and automatically prevents back flow . They are one of the few self-automated valves that do not require assistance to open and close.

Check valves are available in many configurations for both residential and commercial use. Choose from our wide selection of reliable valves including white and clear PVC.
  • Installs either vertically or horizontally
  • True Union
  • Swing check
  • Spa check valve
  • Breakaway couplings
  • Inline Adjustable

Recommended Gallons Per Minute : 3 - 30 gpm

Recommended Feet Per Second : 0.57 - 4.78 f.p.s.