Sydney Smart

Caroma's Sydney Smart series consists of packages made using the Sydney Smart dual flush tank (Part # 622322W -White or 622322B -Biscuit  1.28gpf Full Flush & .8gpf Half Flush).

These tanks can be combined with Caroma's line of 270, 305, and back-outlet bowls to make a number of different high quality dual flush water saving toilet packages. These are available in both standard height (15") and Easy Height (ADA 17"). There is also a choice between round and elongated bowls. All bowls available with these packages have trapways nearly twice the size of the industry average, virtually eliminating blockages. All toilet packages come with a high quality seat, and you choice of optional accessories, and / or optional installation kit.

Every Caroma toilet in this series is Water Sense labled as a High Efficiency Toilet (HET). Smart toilet packages feature Caroma's exclusive smart technology flushing system that has been developed over a decade. Smart technology saves money while protecting the environment. The Smart system delivers the ultimate combination of design, water savings, and performance. Smart technology is industry recognized as the benchmark in toilet suite innovation.

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