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Caroma Caravelle Smart 270 1-Piece Easy Height (ADA) Elongated (White)

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Caroma Caravelle Smart 270 1-Piece Easy Height (ADA) Elongated
"Comfortable 17 inch Height"

The Caravelle Smart 270 One Piece Easy Height Elongated dual flush toilet  is a modern dual flush toilet design featuring a two button activation that provides substantial water saving compared to standard toilets. A large trap and smooth rounded contours for easy cleaning are just a few of the benefits this toilet has to offer. The Caravelle Smart 270 One Piece Easy Height Elongated toilet by Caroma adds style and water conservation to any bathroom. This will allow you to save both water and money. The bowl has been designed with  a 10" - 12" adjustable rough-in.  The overall length from the finished wall is 29 15/16". The tank incorporates the Duo-Flo mechanism which has been specially developed with the Caroma 270 ADA Elongated Bowl to ensure optimum reliable flushing performance. Due to the substantial water saving benefits achieved by the 1.28/0.8 gpf (4.8/3 l) dual flush system, the toilet is suitable for multi purpose applications where water conservation is most important. The Caroma Caravelle Smart 270 One Piece ADA Elongated Dual Flush Toilet Package Consists of a Caroma Caravelle Smart One Piece Toilet (#989900W), Caroma Detachable & Soft Close Elongated Seat (326611W), and your choice of optional accessories, and/or installation kit.

Features & Benefits:


  • High efficiency toilet (HET) - 1.28 / 0.8 gallons (4.8 / 3 liters) per flush
  • 1 piece, 2 button dual flush toilet
  • Dual Flush Design (1.28 gpf & .8 gpf)
  • Rounded Contours for easy cleaning
  • 10" - 12" adjustable Rough-In
  • Concealed Trapway
  • Largest Trapway on the Market (almost 4 inches)
  • Virtually unblockable
  • EPA WaterSense labeled
  • Dimensions: 29 15/16" L x 14 1/8" W x 30 3/8" H (bowl height = 17")
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty


Optional Accessories:

  • Spare Outlet Valve Seal - This is equivalent to the "flapper" on a standard toilet.
  • The installation kit includes the mounting bolts, wax ring, supply line, and caulk to help complete your installation.
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Score: 2.91. Votes: 33
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  • John Splettstoesser <ssplettstoesser@yahoo.com>
    Aug 20, 2018, 11:04
    We have used these toilets since 2005 we bought six of them for two different houses and are extremely happy with them and would buy them again

What is a washdown toilet?
 North American toilets most commonly utilize siphon jet technology. Most of the water in the tank is used to create a vacuum or siphon effect in the trapway of the toilet bowl, which then pulls the waste out after the water. In the past, several North American toilets have been subject to clogging due to the lower volumes of water used in ultra low flow toilets. The trapways of the bowls had to be reduced to allow the vacuum to be created. Washdown toilets do not use this flushing mechanism. When flushed, the water is released very quickly from the tank and into the bowl through an open rim bowl design. The water very effectively and efficiently pushes the waste out of the bowl, which is then followed by the water. The flush is fast and allows for superior movement down the sewage drains, as the water is following the waste. Because washdown toilets do not rely on creating a siphon effect in the trapway, the size of the trapway does not have to be reduced. Caroma toilets feature a massive 4 inch trapway, virtually eliminating the possibility of clogging!

What is an HET?
 HET stands for High Efficiency Toilet, a standard that is quickly replacing the old ULF (Ultra Low Flow - referring to toilets that flush on 1.6 gallons (6 liters) of water). The old ULF standard was established in North America in the 1980s when U.S. government mandated that manufacturers could use no more than 1.6 gallons (6 liters) per flush. An HET is any toilet that uses at least 20% less water than a standard 1.6 gallon (6 liter) toilet. In other words, any toilet that flushes on 1.28 gallons per flush or less is considered to be an HET. Many regions and cities are starting to offer rebates for HETs based on their superior water saving ability and high performance standards. All Caroma dual flush toilets are approved HETs.

What is the difference between a 270 and 305 bowl?
 Caroma has 270 and 305 bowls. 270 bowls have a fully concealed trapway and fit rough-ins of 10" to 12" using the offset connector that is included. The 305 bowls have a partially concealed trapway and fit a 12" rough-in. Installation of both bowl types is quick and easy and does not require special equipment. Installation videos are available for both the 270 and 305 bowls

Caroma toilets look good, but I am nervous about buying new technology. How do I know that they will really work?
 This would be an understandable concern if dual flush technology was new, but it has been around for many years. Caroma pioneered dual flush technology in the early 1980s, and dual flush is predominantly used in most countries around the world. Caroma originates from Australia, and dual flush has been mandated in Australia and New Zealand since 1992. Caroma is the definitive leader in the worldwide dual flush market. It isn't something that they dabble in. They don't produce a few dual flush products among a sea of single flush products. It's all they do! Literally millions of dual flush toilets have been installed and are performing perfectly in homes and commercial buildings all around the world. This is a proven technology. While it is relatively new to North America, it is far from a new technology.

What is the ADA button kit?
 The ADA button kit is an optional button that is intended to be used in applications, whether commercial or residential, deemed to be used by physically challenged individuals. The ADA button kit is a raised button that makes anyone able to easily activate either of the Caroma dual flush buttons. The ADA button kit is part number 405067.

Can I use any North American seat on a Caroma toilet bowl?
 Yes - a Caroma 270 or 305 bowl will accommodate a standard North American round front seat and the new Caroma 270 and 305 elongated bowls will accommodate North American elongated seats. However, a lot of engineering has gone into the design of Caroma toilets, including that of the seat. Caroma seats are not only high quality, extremely attractive seats, but they are designed to 'position' people properly over the water spot in the bowl to ensure optimal cleanliness. Caroma includes some extremely popular features such as the 'quick release' seat offered on the Caravelle 2000 seat. With the push of a button, these seats quickly pop off, allowing easier and more effective cleaning. Caroma seats also finish off the look of a Caroma toilet, with shapes that completely compliment the size and design of the bowls. The color of a Caroma seat will perfectly match the color of a Caroma toilet suite. So, while the answer is yes, we would recommend the use of Caroma seats on Caroma bowls.

Is it difficult to install a Caroma toilet? It looks different.
 No! It is no more difficult to install a Caroma toilet than any other standard North American toilet.