#810266W Brisbane Tank (White

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#810266W Brisbane Tank (White)

A modern concept close coupled 1.6/0.8 gpf (6/3 l) Brisbane dual flush toilet featuring unique two button activation providing substantial water saving compared to standard toilets. Adjustable rough-in and smooth rounded contours for easy cleaning. The closet bowl has been designed with roughin of 10" (255mm) to 12" (305mm) provided by plastic offset outlet connector option. The tank incorporates the high performance outlet valve which has been specially developed with the Brisbane bowl to ensure optimum reliable flushing performance. Due to the substantial water saving benefits achieved by the 1.6/0.8 gpf (6/3 l) dual flush system the toilet is suitable for multi-purpose applications where water conservation is important.

The Brisbane Tank has a free fitting lid and is suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. The vandal resistant conversion kit is a simple to install conversion is available for the standard mechanism to lock lid onto the tank, recommended for use in heavy duty commercial areas.

The water control valve is available as left hand inlet and incorporates a super quiet water control assembly. Internal overflow only.

The tank is mounted directly to the closet bowl with a robust base fixing system without the
need for wall fixing.

Available Color: White.

Caroma toilets are on the very cutting edge for mechanical performance & water conservation.
The tank's design lets the user decide how much water to flush the bowl with; there's one
flush button for "#1" and another for "#2".

Caroma is a worldwide leader of innovative bathroom products, including high efficiency
dual-flush toilets. Caroma products are used by businesses and households for exceptional
performance and stylish design while conserving valuable water resources.

Caroma is an Australian manufacturer of high-performance, ecologically-friendly toilets.
Caroma's award winning "Dual-Flush" toilets are both user friendly and capable of saving
up to 68% of your toilets previous annual water usage. Now Caroma Toilets carry the EPA
WaterSense logo which is the highest rating granted by the US Government.