#629435BI Caravelle Tank (Biscuit

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#629435BI Caravelle Tank (Biscuit)

This is a modern concept 1.6/.8gpf (6/3 l) dual flush washdown toilet. The Caravelle 2000 Tank has a free fitting lid and is suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. This is a standard bottom entry tank, available as left hand inlet and incorporates a super quiet water control assembly. Internal overflow only.

The tank is fixed directly to the closet bowl with a robust base fixing system without the need for wall fixing.

Caroma toilets are on the very cutting edge for mechanical performance & water conservation. The tank's design lets the user decide how much water to flush the bowl with; there's one flush button for "#1" and another for "#2".

Caroma is a worldwide leader of innovative bathroom products, including high efficiency dual-flush toilets. Caroma products are used by businesses and households for exceptional performance and stylish design while conserving valuable water resources.

Caroma is an Australian manufacturer of high-performance, ecologically-friendly toilets. Caroma's award winning "Dual-Flush" toilets are both user friendly and capable of saving up to 68% of your toilets previous annual water usage. Now Caroma Toilets carry the EPA WaterSense logo which is the highest rating granted by the US Government.