Pex Supplies Pex Tubing 3/8-inch x 100-ft Red CANPEX ULTRA Tubing

3/8-inch x 100-ft Red CANPEX ULTRA Tubing

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  • Size: 3/8" x 100'
  • Faster, easier, and more economical installation
  • Flexible tubing reduces the number of fittings required in the system
  • Corrosion and freeze damage resistance
  • Scaling and pitting resistance
  • Safe, chemical-free installation

PEX tubing has been used in plumbing and radiant heating applications for more than 25 years. CANPEX ULTRA is a multilayered product which has a proven performance record in potable water systems, even after extended UV exposure.

CANPEX ULTRA is a top quality PEX tubing that combines added UV and chlorine protection in copper tube sizes (CTS) from 3/8" to 1" in diameter. It has a 100 psi pressure rating at 180° F and is ideal for both plumbing and radiant heating applications.

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